Maximise Efficiency, Minimise Headaches

The Solution to Tech Company Problems - CTO as a Service

In a rapidly changing tech world, businesses face challenges like missing senior roles, adopting new technologies, and managing development complexities. Our "CTO as a Service" helps overcome these hurdles, ensuring growth and organisational resilience, with a history of successful resolutions for common tech company issues.

Solvable Issues

Organisational Challenges

When faced with the departure of senior and CTO-level roles or the need to establish a high-quality in-house development team, recruitment challenges can often seem insurmountable. Our success stories include successfully transitioning from offshore to in-house development, efficiently restructuring teams for organizational growth, and more. We turn these challenges into opportunities for your business.


Cutting-edge Technology

In a world where staying competitive means embracing AI and cutting-edge technologies, our "CTO as a Service" empowers you to adopt and utilize these innovations effectively. From aligning AI implementation with fundraising and IPO objectives to streamlining development processes and enhancing security measures, we ensure you stay ahead of the curve.

New Development

For businesses embarking on new projects, our expertise shines in constructing MVPs, designing initial development architectures, and providing robust documentation for team growth. Our success stories include launching complex applications in record time and ensuring secure development practices.


Existing Development

If your current systems have become black boxes or development seems stuck in a rut, our "CTO as a Service" offers solutions that reduce development and testing times while addressing technical debt. We transform your existing development challenges into streamlined processes that cut costs and improve product and operational quality.